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Dictionary Wanderings


Recently, during my Flat Possum Test Kitchen reconnaissances, I discovered a new word: "Trencherman". Similiarly, I found "Trencherwoman". I was amazed to find that their definition is "One who likes to eat."  The crude word "glutton" was also used in a definition. Before I indulged in my dictionary meanderings, I thought they were people who dug trenches.

But, no, the history of the word comes from an old serving dish, a "trencher", which, I gather, was a wooden platter used to serve meat, and upon which the meat was cut. This handy dish was replaced by ceramics, porcelains and pewters when they became available to the common herd.

By the way, these dictionary entries fall immediately before "Trench Foot" and "Trench Mouth". My gut instinct tells me that the two latter entries have little to do with my new word,  Trencherman.



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