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= Fart Proudly =


Occasionally, in my meandering research for the Flat Possum Test Kitchen I run across selected literature worth saving. Literature often not having to do with food.  One of these gems is a book entitled "FART PROUDLY", the writings of Benjamin Franklin you never read in school. This book is edited by Carl Japikse and published by the Enthea Press, P.O. Box 249, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110.

Since I do not have their permission to reprint Mr. Franklin's writings, I will titillate you with some of the chapter headings and you will get the picture:

"On Choosing a Mistress" (Really worthwhile)

"How to Make a Striking Sundial" ("Striking" meaning one gun sounding at one o"clock, two guns sounding at two o'clock, and so on. The purpose being so that your neighbors would know what time it is without having to view the sundial.)

"Transporting Rattlesnakes" written in 1751. ("Rattlesnakes" being Franklin's name for felonious criminals that Great Britain proposed to "transport" to the American Colonies to rid themselves of such unwanted persons. As you remember they actually did, finally, transport thousands of criminal "rattlesnakes" to populate Australia.)

"Rules on Making Oneself Disagreeable" (This is a good one.)

"Rules by Which a Great Empire May be Reduced" (Good even today)

and my favorite, "The Encouragement of Idleness".

Specifically, this book has to do with Freedom of the Press, because all of Franklin's writings herein are satirically critical of England and it's treatment of the Colonies. He was not above using words such as "fart" and other strong and descriptive language when he wanted to express himself pungently.  His pen was surely effective.

So, as the publishers say:  "Fart Proudly is a testament to the satirical rogue that lived peaceably inside the philosopher and statesman.  It is also a tribute to the ideal of a free press in the United States."

Every once in a while The Flat Possum Test Kitchen will continue to bring up and hold to the light other plums, judged worthy of investigation.



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