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Pork Spareribs

Pork Spare ribs

We were in San Antonio last week and visited that Temple Devoted to Intemperance and Gluttony, "The Central Market".  Picked up some dead hog meat while browsing, specifically about 4 pounds of beautiful pork spare ribs.


This area of the pig just squeals for a great Marinade, as follows:

1 or 2 tablespoons minced Garlic
1 tablespoons minced fresh Ginger
2 tablespoons light Soy Sauce
2 tablespoons dark Soy Sauce
2 - 3 tablespoons. Dry Sherry (I use Dry Sack)
1 tablespoons Chinese Five Spice Powder
1 - 2 tablespoonsChili bean Sauce or Paste (this stuff can be just a mite warm)
1 tablespoons. Asian Sesame Oil
2 teaspoon Salt (use Kosher Salt)
2 - 3 tablespoons Sugar
A few light sprinkles of Lawry's Seasoning Salt
3 tablespoons Hoisin Sauce
1 small can crushed pineapple
A couple jiggers of Cointreau, maybe three jiggers if you're feeling wild.
5 - 6 tablespoons honey, for roasting

Lay the spareribs on a baking sheet with sides. Mix the marinade ingredients and spread evenly on both sides of the ribs. Wrap the cookie sheet in plastic wrap and refrigerate three hours to overnight.

Preheat the oven to 350 deg. Place the ribs with the marinade in a large roasting pan in one layer.  Be sure and line the roasting pan with foil to catch the cooked marinade. If you don't, it will take a jackhammer to break it loose if it burns onto the metal of the pan. 

Coat the ribs with honey (both sides) and cook for 1 1/2 hours, or until the ribs are browned and tender.

If they aren't browned, but they are tender, crank up the oven to 450 deg. for a few minutes or put them under the broiler briefly.  Watch that they don't get black and crispy.  This is not the time to go off and watch your favorite basketball team in action, unless you want to test your smoke alarms.

This would go great with some of that home-brew beer you make.


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