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= Luby's Green Beans =

Lubys Green Beans

Bill - Your mother and I like the green beans served at Luby's Cafeterias.  We went to great expense to buy their Luby's Cookbook to get the recipe. Naturally, they had every other recipe in the book EXCEPT green beans.  So, we rudely accosted the manager here and got this information out of him. 

1. They use canned, cut green beans.
2. Every night they make stocks (chicken, beef, ham, etc.)
3. They cook the canned green beans in ham stock. Yep, ham stock.
4.  They add garlic and onion for flavor, and probably salt & pepper.

I know you aren't into green things, especially beans, but think of my granddaughter, don't let her grow up like you.  Feed the child good. Make her eat worthwhile food.


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